Bending Machine Frequently Asked Questions Self Test

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Possible failures and remedies:

1, the fault: the piston rod out of a certain length after the swing handle, a rod extension of a stretch. Cause: The fueling plug is not loosened and loosened. Exclusion method: the pump out of the oil port is not sealed out of the oil valve ball is not the whole oil in the garbage, should be clean oil, replace the ball.

2, failure: large, small pump piston rod at the oil. Cause: Seal ring damage; Exclusion method: Replace the sealing ring in the spare parts bag.

3, fault: switch off the oil; cause: switch pressure ring is too loose; Exclusion method: remove the screws and switches, tighten the pressure ring.

4, failure: top rod out of power, can not work. Cause: switch inside the ball seal is not good switch top no top steel ball or drop ball; exclusion method: change the ball tighten the switch, if no steel ball, should be added ball.

5, the fault: the top of the top of the throttle oil; cause: the top of the piston rod seal damage; exclusion method: replacement 14 × 2.4 O-ring (self)

6, failure: large, small pump oil shortage; cause: filter inside the filter with garbage or oil shortage; Exclusion method: remove the 12 serial number parts, with gasoline to clean the net and fill the oil.

7, failure: mold mounting hole cracked; cause: the model item when there are lateral load such as: bending the workpiece when the corner is not put positive; Exclusion method: check the two support wheel position is symmetrical, The workpiece is applied to the oil, put the second bending position.

8, failure: pump also known as the pump, back to the pump; cause: the oil valve ball can not be normal reset; Exclusion method: the role of rod (15) out, so that the piston pump pressure, (14) with a few shots to make the ball ball reset.